17 Temmuz 2007

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Another lost summer

i vowed this wouldn't be another lost summer
i've looked around but i can't see that old time summer
it's still hot but i look at what i've got
and i'll feel is number
i guess it's too late to plant those seeds
"another lost summer"
it's not worth it to pull the weeds
"are you ready drummer"
they'll just die; like i'm doing inside
my brother and i were the best of friends
"that old time summer"
more than just brothers but now i pretend
"another lost summer"
is it a crutch? that i expect so much?
i promised myself id be strong this year
but here i am again filled with summer tears
and the fish ain't biting and im through fighting
the same situation the same frustrations
'cause summers almost gone
the love i planned to sing about never came along
and i can't figure out where i belong
but ever year i sing the same old song
where's that old time summer?
it's another lost summer
another lost summer

blanche [mp3]

BlancheAnother Lost Summer

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