12 Temmuz 2006

Karışık karışık

starlight mints: pumpkin
eXcuses for sKipping: kirrie, the ether, decision to be normal
parks & recreation: maybe the moon knows somethiNg.
the condiments: something or another..
peace in our time: everyone or anyone
boothby: thrill called Love
the san marinos: we're beautiful
naimi: jag hatar dig
annemarie: apple [suicide on your stereo set]
annemarie: the living model
tullycraft: sweet
tullycraft: glitter
lesliea: so sincere
apple orchard: a hiding smile
the ebb and flow: here are caught white falcons
blood ruby: remains of the day
mercury rev: secret for a song..
vijaya: your gun will never set you free
the evening episode: photocopied residence
asobi seksu: thursday

♥20 Minute Loop: Miriam Hopkins
♥Novak: She
♥Novak: Always On My Mind
♥Dead Meadows: I Love You Too
♥Pink Grease: Ordinary Girl
♥(The Sound of) Kaleidoscope: Because I Am Haunted

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